Closed cooling circuit for X-ray Microscope

To investigate aerosol particles in climate simulations the micro annular gear pump mzr-2921 is used in a cooling circuit. The low-pulsation delivery allows precise temperature settings over a wide range. The compact design and low vibration ensure operation without disturbing the sensitive measurements in the X-ray microscope. > read more

Offshore Equipment with mzr-pumps

Fresh Water and Potable Water System on an Oil Platform

A supplier of offshore equipment designed and manufactured a fresh water and potable water system for one of the most advanced oil platforms.
Micro annular gear pumps of the hermetic inert series in their ATEX versions are used to pump all chemicals for water treatment. > read more


Other applications in chemistry

  • Fine chemicals / Pharmaceutical industry
  • Flow Chemistry
  • Coating applications
  • Organic electronics
  • Mini plant technology
  • Polymer development
  • Dosing of additives into extruders
  • Filling of radioactive isotope solutions
  • Dosage of sodium


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