Your contact person for service requests

Mr. Ronny Haberland
  Technical Service

     +49 385 52190-325
  +49 385 52190-333

Micro annular gear pumps are high-quality and long-life products. Depending on the demands and media, however, the functional components are subject to natural wear. In many cases, the functionality can be fully rebuilt or the service life of the products can be extended by replacing particular components.

How to proceed in case of service

  • Read the declaration on media contact for micro annular gear pumps and fluidic components.
  • Fill in page 2 of the declaration on media contact.

  Declaration media contact

  • Print the completed declaration on media contact as hardcopy and as a pdf document.
  • Notice of the planned return delivery to the, including the declaration as pdf document.
  • Sending the product including the declaration in hardcopy to

Delivery address

Technical Service
HNP Mikrosysteme GmbH
Brunnenstra├če 38
19053 Schwerin

What will happen then?

You will receive an e-mail confirmation of receipt and a few days later an analysis and offer on the product repair and service regarding the returned articles. Please confirm the offer in writing.

Please understand, as a matter of responsibility to our employees, that we cannot process any returned products without a completed declaration on media contact.