Colorful and precise - AMAZING color variety

Printed in motion (FAULHABER) 02|2022

Plastic has many advantages. One of them is that it can be imbued with any color. Whether pale eggshell, noble royal blue or gaudy orange – there is no limit to the colorful diversity of plastic parts. > read more

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mzr-pumps by HNPM

Which Pump do you Choose for Cryogens?

Published at in November 2021

Pumping cryogenic gases is no easy task. To liquefy this type of substance, the temperature must be lowered, and the system pressure increased. Cryogenic liquids are therefore different from "normal" liquids. > read more

mzr-pumps by HNPM

Dosing of Highly Viscous Material for Microencapsulation

Published at in November 2021

Microencapsulation is becoming increasingly important in pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and agricultural industries. New dosage forms are emerging, the efficacy and tolerability of active substances are increasing, and the range of applications for approved substances is growing. Precise metering techniques in the low-volume range are a necessary prerequisite for the production and processing of APIs. Metering pumps by HNP Mikrosysteme are a suitable technical solution. > read more

Micro dosing pumps from HNP Mikrosysteme in global use against COVID-19

Published at in May 2020

Through parallel and faster processes, automation significantly increases the number of tests, saves manpower and ensures process reliability. For sample preparation for SARS-CoV-2, a few microliters of a solution of chemicals and enzymes are dosed. > read more

LiquiDoS by HNP Mikrosysteme

New Nutrient Medium Dosing System Ideal for Biochip Filling

Published at LABMATE in September 2019

New active ingredients require new tests. For ethical, economic and scientific reasons, animal experimentations are increasingly being replaced by biochips. > read more

Compact dispense module µDispense

Compact dispense module for analytical instrumentation

Published at in February 2016

The central component of the dispense module is a micro annular gear pump (mzr-pump), that is already working very precise in laboratory automation and diagnostics. mzr-pumps are characterized by low pulse flow and a service life of several years. By using these rotary positive displacement pumps, pipetting of the smallest liquid amounts during the dosing process is possible as well as rinsing with high flow rates.

Micro annular gear pump ATEX

The enclosure is the distinctive feature

Printed in motion (FAULHABER) 01.2015

When a customer-specific development is needed, reliable DC motors and controllers are a good basis. In a flameproof casing, the duo consisting of motor and Motion Controller can perform tasks even in potentially explosive atmospheres. A masterpiece in terms of development that proves itself not least of all on critical ground – and that's what systems in chemical engineering are.

Precise dosing with micro annular gear pumps

Precision dosing

Printed in info (FAULHABER) 02|2011

Nowadays, modern electronics and high-precision mechanics allow the miniaturization of many items for everyday use and industrial applications. Micro annular gear pumps for fluid delivery are an excellent example. Their simple, no-valve design allows them to come in a compact size with a virtually non-pulsating, easily adjustable flow.