Mechanical Engineering


Battery filling

Filling of battery cells with electrolytes

Lithium-based liquid battery electrolytes are crystallizing and hazardous to health, and require the use of hermetic pumps. The magnetic hermetic pump mzr-7265 ensures precise, low pulsation dosing and a short cycle time in this application. > read more

LOHC-based hydrogen storage

Pumps of the high performance series are used to pump the LOHC dibenzyltoluene, also known as Marlotherm, perhydro-dibenzyltoluene and benzyltoluene. > read more

mzr-pumps for fully automatic density determination

Micro annular gear pumps for fully automatic density determination

Two applications for mzr pumps in a patented new development
• the bubble-free filling and emptying of a measuring basin to an accuracy of +/- 0.05 mm
• the mixing of measuring liquid. > read more

Surface treatment of welding wires with micro annular gear pumps

Surface treatment of welding wires

Coating in the nano range – with the patented LS-WST cleaning and coating system with integrated micro annular gear pump welding wires are coated with 2 mg/m². > read more

Filling and dosing technology with mzr-pumps

Filling and dosing technology

Standard, tubular and circular vials are precise measuring instruments which are filled with a mixture of a low viscous, highly volatile and non-lubricating gasoline-dye. For safe dosing are micro annular gear pumps of high pressure series in operation. > read more

Shrink sleeve manufacturing with micro annular gear pumps by HNP Mikrosysteme

Shrink sleeve manufacturing

Precise and reliable coating of solvents on shrink sleeves is realized through high performance pumps like mzr-4609 EX in ATEX design which work synchronized to the belt speed. > read more

Hard disk drives with FDB-Technology with mzr-pumps

Hard disk drives with FDB-Technology

In the production of oil-bearing hard disks, the size is what counts. Pumps of the magnetic hermetic series, a few microliters of liquid are dosed directly into the FDB (Fluid Dynamic Bearing) systems. > read more

Dosing systems in the filling of oil brakes

From manual workstation to semi or fully automatic production the  smartDoS is a universal dosing system. > read more

Dosing of UV-glue with mzr-pump

Bubble-free dosing of UV adhesive

Post-cleaning was yesterday - bubble-free and precise dosage of UV adhesive for display gluing. Dosing pumps of the modular series are used for the defined application of the adhesive. > read more


Other applications in mechanical engineering

  • Packaging and filling
  • Automotive industry
  • Tobacco industry
  • Mechanical engineering for medical products
  • Liquid color dosing
  • Pharmaceutical plant engineering
  • Coating
  • Additivation
  • Polymer handling electrospinning
  • Battery production
  • Dosing technology
  • Dosage of adhesives
  • Ink-jet printing technology
  • On-line color mixing system for paints
  • Dispensing of printing inks
  • Minimum quantity lubricating systems
  • Automated application of silicone sealant beads
  • Color marking application
  • Polyurethane grouting
  • Application of separating agents in forming technology
  • Dosage from or into vacuum
  • Tin plate oiling
  • Nozzle testing in heating engineering
  • Lubricant dosage in the watch/clock assembly
  • Aerospace industry


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