Other application examples


Personalized creams and beauty products

After a skin analysis, selected raw materials, serums and special active ingredients are combined according to the individual needs and problems of the user. This is how personalized creams are produced. > read more

Manufacture of cosmetics with micro pumps by HNP Mikrosysteme

Microencapsulation in cosmetics

HNPM pumps of the modular and high performance series are integrated in microencapsulation processes. Often equipped with heating modules, they cover a wide range of viscosities. > read more

Continuous delivery of the methanol (fuel cell) with micro annular gear pump by HNPM

Fuel cells

Low weight, small footprint and low power consumption make mzr®-2921 SFC/2 the ideal solution for mobile and precise delivery of methanol in fuel cells. For this purpose, the drive of the pump was customized. > read more

Delivery of theatrical blood with mzr-pumps by HNPM

Theatrical blood

Let the theatre blood of a performer flow on stage as if by a magic? No problem for the micro annular gear pump mzr-2921 of the low pressure series. > read more

Low-pulsation flow rates on test benches with micro annular gear pumps

Low-pulsation flow rates on test benches

Before flow and bubble sensors are used, they are tested on various test benches to ensure perfect functionality. The mzr-pumps of low pressure series and high performance series guarantee a volume flow with low-pulsation and a stable working pressure on different test benches. The required working point can be controlled at any time. > read more


Other applications

  • Cosmetics
  • Food
  • Aromatizing, flavoring
  • Micro hydraulic aggregate for helicopters
  • Buoy water analysis
  • Diving robot
  • Dispensing of polishing slurry in the wafer manufacturing processes
  • PCB cooling


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