Compact Dispense Module implements a new dosaging quality in analytical instrumentation

January 18th, 2016: Precise dosaging and metering of liquids in the microliter range is a demanding task in analytical instrumentation. At Analytica 2016 HNP Mikrosysteme presents the newly developed Dispense Module as a functionally versatile and interesting alternative to the commonly used syringe pump.

The central component of the Dispense Module is a micro annular gear pump (mzr®-pump), that is already working very precise in laboratory automation and diagnostics.

mzr®-pumps are characterized by low pulse flow and a service life of several years. By using these rotary positive displacement pumps, pipetting of the smallest liquid amounts during the dosing process is possible as well as rinsing with high flow rates.

The size of the module corresponds to half the syringe pumps format. It combines pump, filter and valve. With the help of a microcontroller the module can process the same programming commands as a syringe pump.

The Dispense Module assures reliable liquid handling in device development and can replace syringe pumps in existing systems. This innovative module sustainably improves the quality of analytical instruments.

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µDispense module by HNP Mikrosysteme

Dispense Module of HNP Mikrosysteme - new dosaging quality in analytical instrumentation


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