Theatrical Blood


  Because your response has been that quick, we have been able to rehhearse with the mechanism on last Tuesday, absolutely ready for the general rehearsal of the after day. The opening night on Thursday went very well, cheers. (Bernard Floch, Make-up Artist)


It is not easy to make an actor or dancer bleed on stage because neither tubes nor wires can be used to connect him to the source of artificial blood. So he has to carry small reservoirs, pumps and power sources while acting or dancing and the pump must be started by remote control to let the theatrical blood flow.

Bernard Floch, Make-up Artist
"Petite Tragédie"
Choreography: Thierry Smits
Assistant to the choreographer: Benjamin Bac
Dancers: Flavio Castellino, Raphaël Huez et Noëlle Lahaye
Make-up: Bernard Floch
Music: Maxime Bodson et Jimi Hendrix


Decision criteria for this pump

  • small dimensions and weight
  • low power consumption (battery operation)
  • robustness
  • reliability

Applied pumps

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