Dongwoo Science Co., Ltd.


Corporate value of Dongwoo can be described with three words: People, Technology and the Future. Philosophy of "Improving the quality of human life and becoming a window for the future through technology" is deeply instilled into everything Dongwoo does. Dongwoo Science Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998 with its objectives of providing advanced solutions to nanotechnology, biotechnology and high precision liquid handling applications in OEM and industrial R&D processes.

Dongwoo owns successful engineering experiences with well-known Korean companies related with fluidic technology, which includes micro fuel-cell development, microfluidic applications in MEMS and lab-on-a-chip development, factory automation in semiconductor and flat panel industry, pilot process construction in chemical and pharmaceutical industry and analytical instrumentation for clinical diagnostic and molecular biologic applications.

Dongwoo currently represent over 20 world-wide leaders in fluidics technology and is getting reputation in the market as one-stop solution provider satisfying customers' variety of challenges in fluidic applications.


Taehyong Kim