New high performance pump for liquid coating materials

Press release 2015-03

March 25, 2015: In coating technology, it all depends on the  homogeneous distribution of the coating material. The micro annular gear pump mzr®-6305 of HNP Mikrosysteme, first time introduced at the Hannover Messe International 2015 (HMI), fulfils these sensitive metering and dosing tasks.

An exact coating is required for a stable and defined modification of physical, electrical or chemical properties of materials. Variations occurring due to inadequate technology can lead to a significant lack of quality in production. These quality problems can be avoided by the application of high precision pump technology to deliver the liquid coating material, for example, for a exact feeding of spraying nozzles or slot dies.

The micro annular gear pump mzr®-6305 of the high performance series of HNP Mikrosysteme, introduced on the HMI 2015, meets the requirements for exact dosing of liquids with low and high viscosities. This pump guarantees a highly precise volume flow from 0.024 to 144 ml/min. By the 10 to 11 tooth ratio of the rotor set, the already extremely low pulsation of mzr-pumps has been further reduced many times.

The coating technology is just one of many fields of application in mechanical and plant engineering for the new pump.

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Micro annular gear pump mzr-6305

New micro annular gear pump fulfils sensitive metering tasks


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