High performance pump for precise application of adhesives and sealants

July 30, 2016: The precise dot and bead application of adhesives and sealants under low pulsation is one field of applications among many in mechanical engineering and the right task for high-performance pumps from HNP Mikrosysteme presented at Motek 2016.

Hopefully, we will never get to see the airbag of our car, nevertheless, its safe functionality is of vital importance. The seam between the airbag and dashboard is usually provided with an exact and absolutely uniform sealing bead. High-precision dosing technology like the micro annular gear pump mzr®-7205 guarantees an optimal zero defect production process.

This pump of the high performance series of HNP Mikrosysteme is suitable for exact dosing of medium to high viscosity sealants and adhesives. It is lightweight and compact, can be mounted directly on the robot head and works with the shortest response time straight at the application point.
HNPM pumps are directly controllable and programmable. Using continuous path control is to ensure a uniform bead thickness throughout the adjustment of volume flow rates to the line and to the circle segments. The optimum separation of the medium is realized with the help of a programmed return effect.

With high precision, the pump delivers flow rates from a few microliters to about 60 ml/min. The increased torque requirement during the dosage of medium to high viscosity media (500-20000 mPas) is ensured with a reduction gear. Supply is usually carried out by a hose line. It is advisable to apply pressure to the storage tanks in order to ensure material is safely delivered to the pump.

Further information about the company and products can be found at www.hnp-mikrosysteme.de

High performance pump HNP Mikrosysteme

Micro annular gear pump for precise dot and bead applications


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