Starting my engineering expierence at HNP Mikrosysteme GmbH


My name is Caleb Duchan, and I attend Michigan State University(US) where I study Computer Science and Engineering. Starting in May, I have had the pleasure to work as an intern at HNP Mikrosysteme. Over my time I have learned about the various inventions and innovations facilitated by the micro annular gear pumps produced here. The pumps are vital in countless industries and are utilized all around the globe. Everyday I was impressed by how knowledgable, and team-oriented the people around me were.

When I arrived at HNPM, I was immediately welcomed and accepted. Each employee was enthusiastic about explaining their role in the process, and encouraged me to ask any and all questions I had. Once I was more knowledgeable, I was given tasks where I could assist the company, and gain valuable expierence. These tasks took into consideration the skills I had and how these could best put to use.

As an aspiring engineer, I could not be happier with my first internship expierence. Thank you to all the people that made my time here so memorable!