July, 2018 - Starting my engineering expierence at HNPM

My name is Caleb Duchan, and I attend Michigan State University(US) where I study Computer Science and Engineering. > read more

2018-03-06 - MoDoS® at Achema, Frankfurt

The Modular Dosing System (MoDoS®) is a tailor-made pump system for pilot plants and industrial research in the field of fine chemical and pharmaceutical production. > read more

2017-11-10 - New mzr-Touch Control

There is a new possibility to control micro annular gear pumps (mzr®-pumps) via a multilingual graphical user interface. This mzr-Touch Control can be used for most mzr®-pump sizes and series. > read more

2017-08-24 - New modular pump at Motek, Stuttgart

New modular pump mzr-11545X1 for precise filling and dosing technology will be presented at Motek 2017 in hall 7, booth 7.306. The international trade fair Motek focus on production and assembly automation, feed technology and material flow, streamlining through handling technology, and industrial handling. We offer you a free day ticket for your visit. > read more

Oct. 20, 2016 - Pump Cleaning Adventure Internship at HNP Mikrosysteme

For three short months from July 11th to October 7th, 2016 I was an intern at HNP Mikrosysteme in Schwerin, MVP facilitated by the DAAD Rise-Pro. I found this internship while working on a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering Degree at the University of Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.A. > read more

May, 2016 - Entrepreneur of the Year 2016

In May 2016 Dr. Thomas Weisener, CEO of HNP Mikrosysteme, was honored as Entrepreneur of the Year 2016 in the category Business Development. > read more

September, 2015 - International visitors at HNP Mikrosysteme

In recent days, it was very international at Schwerin. Guests from 13 countries visited HNP Mikrosysteme. > read more

July, 2014 - Internship with HNP Mikrosysteme

This past month, July 2014, I have had the privilege to conduct an internship with HNP Mikrosysteme, a world leader in the design, manufacture, and sale of micro annular gear pumps. > read more

04/10/2013 - »The smallest canned motor pumps in the world«

The micro annular gear pumps (mzr®-pumps) of the magnetic hermetic series are characterized by their unique compact design combined with a wide range of powerful specifications at the same time. > read more

01/01/2013 - HNP Mikrosysteme is growing - we are moving.

In recent years, we have grown step by step and for more than 50 employees and many micro annular gear pumps there was too little space in Parchim. From January 2013, you will find us in our new and larger premises in Schwerin. > read more