Control module mzr-Touch Control

Laboratory and industrial production

The control module mzr-Touch Control pump provides users in the laboratory and production area with a simple yet versatile dosing unit for precise delivery and dosing in the low-flow range. The combined drive and control unit allows the operation of micro annular gear pumps with the aid of touch operation as well as an external analog interface (0-10 V). The high-quality die-cast aluminum housing is powder coated and offers reliable protection of the operating and functional elements. The control module is supplied with 24 V DC via supplied power supply unit.


  • Compact housing
    aluminum die-cast, powder coated
  • Easy handling
    touch function, standardized plug, switch button
  • Display
    illuminated Touch Display
  • User friendly interfaces
    analog 0-10 V, digital input
  • Integrated Motion Controller (type N only)
  • For DC-motors and BLDC-motors
    with integrated Faulhaber Motion Controller
  • Laboratory
  • Assembly technology
  • Carrier frame
    for mzr-Touch Control and pump assemblies
  • Input pen
  • Hand switch or foot switch
  • Clamp mountings
  • Pump assemblies with filter and valves
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Control module mzr-Touch Control
Control module mzr-Touch Control (174 KB)
Pumpensteuerungsmodul mzr-Touch Control (247 KB)
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