Console drive module mzr-S06 / mzr-S06 E

Laboratory and industrial production

The console drive module mzr-S06 can be used for versatile dispensing tasks in the low flow rate range in combination with low pressure mzr pumps. The microcontroller-based drive enables precise local pump control with a 10 turn potentiometer. Speed and operating time can be shown on the digital display. As an alternative the pump can be controlled with an external analog 0–10 V signal or with RS-232 interface. An adapted PC software is included for setting all operating parameters including calibration, ramp, step, speed, dispense/pause times and flow directions. The high-quality stable diecast aluminum chassis is powder coated and offers a reliable protection of the control elements. A power supply 115/230 V AC is included.


  • Compact chassis
    small diecast aluminum chassis, powder coated
  • Easy handling
    local/remote operation with top control panel or
  • with rear external connectors
  • Dosing software
    Windows®-based software for all operating parameters
  • Precision of flow
    CV < 1 % at low volumes
  • User-friendly interfaces
    serial RS-232, analog 0-10 V
  • Integrated mzr pump
    low pressure series mzr-2521, mzr-2921, mzr-2542, mzr-2942 or mzr-4622
  • Laboratory
  • Assembly
Velocity range 100 – 6000 rpm (min. 1 rpm *)
Motor DC-motor with graphite brushes
Controller integrated 16-bit microcontroller
Dimensions (L x W x H) 154 x 110 x 45 mm
Weight approx. 630 g
Casing diecast aluminum chassis, powder coated
Speed adjustment 10 turn potentiometer
Display rpm or operating time
Pump integration pump mounted directly into the chassis
Voltage DIN 45323 socket
Serial interface RS-232, SUB-D plug, 9-pole
Protection class IP 41
Power supply external power supply 100 – 240 V AC
File Language Size
Faulhaber Motion Manager
Faulhaber Motion Manager (13.0 MB)
Faulhaber Motion Manager (13.0 MB)
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Manual mzr-S06 mit mzr-4622
Manual mzr-S06 mit mzr-4622 (742 KB)
Betriebsanleitung mzr-S06 mit mzr-4622 (755 KB)
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Manual mzr-S06 mit mzr-xx21
Manual mzr-S06 mit mzr-xx21 (1.1 MB)
Betriebsanleitung mzr-S06 mit mzr-xx21 (766 KB)
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Manual mzr-S06 mit mzr-xx42
Manual mzr-S06 mit mzr-xx42 (680 KB)
Betriebsanleitung mzr-S06 mit mzr-xx42 (812 KB)
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Console drive module mzr-S06 / mzr-S06 E
Console drive module mzr-S06 / mzr-S06 E (93 KB)
Pumpensteuerungsmodul mzr-S06 / mzr-S06 E (95 KB)
Module de commande de pompe mzr-S06 / mzr-S06 E (95 KB)
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