Precise pumps – smart solutions

Highly precise metering volumes in the microliter to milliliter range and the smallest volumetric flows constitute the requirements placed on pumps in the fields of analysis technology, chemistry, medicine, biotechnology and mechanical engineering. Thanks to their high process stability, the micro annular gear pumps developed and produced by us make this new dimension in metering technology available to a wide range of applications.

Every metering application brings new challenges with it, which is why we take the time to thoroughly discuss every application and conduct feasibility tests if required. We are happy to work on meeting new requirements and offer customized modifications of our products or OEM pumps.

A frequently underestimated aspect of metering technology is the coordination of the entire system via the selection of components which are adjusted to provide a balance in power. HNP Mikrosysteme is happy to provide system solutions for the completion of metering tasks on request; we start with planning, before moving on to the testing phase and finishing with the delivery of the complete fluidic technology system and control systems integration. We can also carry out on-site commissioning and are able to provide tailor-made training on request.

In addition to systems components for pumps, we also offer professional consultation and an appropriate range of fluidic technology accessories, such as connectors, adaptors and sensor technology products as well as our own filter series.

We have a professional and fast service. mzr®-pumps are high-quality and long-lasting quality products, the functional components are, however, subject to a natural wear depending on use and medium. Seals and wear parts can be replaced both on a regular basis and when required.

We work hard to constantly improve the performance of our products and services, and we look forward to your suggestions in this regard.

Please find here a contact person for your application.

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