mzr-Touch Control

New possibility for user-friendly control of mzr®-pumps

There is a new possibility to control micro annular gear pumps (mzr®-pumps) via a multilingual graphical user interface. This mzr-Touch Control is compatible for most mzr®-pump sizes and series. Dosage volumes from 0.25 μl and flow rate ranges of 1 μl/min to 288 ml/min can be indicated.

If you are working in a laboratory or in a production environment and prefer to focus more on the research tasks rather than technology, this easy-to-use and state-of-the-art graphical user interface is the best solution for fast results.

Available accessories:

  • holder system for mzr-Touch Control and pump assemblies
  • Input pen
  • hand or foot switch
  • stand clamp
  • pump assemblies with filter and valves



The technical specifications of the control module mzr-Touch Control can be found on the product page.