»The smallest canned motor pumps in the world«

The micro annular gear pumps (mzr®-pumps) of the magnetic hermetic series are characterized by their unique compact design combined with a wide range of powerful specifications at the same time. The mzr-pumps are used in applications where low weight, small dimensions and a long service life are required. The price performance ratio of this pump is very good due to the new pump construction and the economical manufacturing of the canned motor.

The mzr-pumps are suitable for OEM applications with high numbers as well. The long service life of the mzr pump is ensured by the maintenance free and leak free magnetic coupling with the separating can and the canned motor. 

The hermetic construction also allows the delivery of crystallizing, highly volatile and hazardous liquids. High system pressures can be realized by constructive adaption of the wall thickness of the separating can. This also makes the delivery of liquefied gases possible. The outer design of the mzr-pump can be chosen between slip fittings or manifold assembly, for easy installation in manifolds with additional sensors.

Precision pump parts and an integrated motor controller for variable motor speeds make a low pulsating delivery of liquids possible.

For discrete dosing applications a motor with position control can be alternatively selected. Due to the good efficiency, the power consumption of the pump is very low.




  • Non-lubricating liquids
    DI-water, ultrapure water, aqueous solutions
  • Low viscous alcohols
    Methanol, ethanol, isopropanol, toluene
  • Crystallizing liquids
    Urea solution, buffer solutions
  • Fuels
    Gasoline, diesel, kerosene, additives
  • Low viscous oils
    Mineral oil, silicone oil, white oil
  • Highly volatile liquids
    Refrigerants, anesthetic liquids
  • Liquefied gases
    Carbon-dioxide, ammoniac




  • Energy
    Fuel cell, auxiliary power unit (APU)
  • Automotive engineering
    Particle measurement, selective catalytic reaction (SCR)
  • Engineering and construction
    Minimum quantity cooling / lubrication
  • Analytics
    Water and seawater analytics or treatment
  • Semiconductor industry
    Surface coating
  • Aerospace
    Air humidification
  • Vacuum- and refrigeration engineering
    Cooling units, cooling circuits


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