Dynamic micromixer dynaMix presented at FCE Conference

The quality of the mixing process depends, among other things, on the volume flow. A faultless mixing below a certain minimum volume flow is factually impossible. Mixing high viscosity fluids with a low viscosity fluid is a very special challenge.

Haber et al. published a study of micromixers and their suitability for fast, mixing-sensitive reactions. Seven static mixers and a micro annular gear pump, used as a dynamic mixer, were compared.

Excellent results were obtained with the micro annular gear pump in terms of mixing time, mixing quality and clogging. Mixing times were determined using an azo coupling (Bourne), tests for clogging, by mixing HexLi and water. Even with an extreme flash coupling with PhLi (Yoshida), the micro pump, used as a dynamic mixer, showed the best results at very low volume flows.

The dynamic mixer has a significant advantage: the mixing quality can be adjusted independently of the volume flow.

The micro annular gear pump mzr-2921X1 M2.1 from the low pressure series was used. Adjustments were made. At the Flow Chemistry Europe Conference in Cambridge in May 2023, this adjusted pump will be presented for the first time as the dynamic mixer dynaMix.  

The results and the report by Haber et al. have been published in excerpts and can be viewed online here.