An unforgettable experience

I was working at HNP Mikrosysteme for 11 weeks, as a participant in RISE PRO scholarship program through DAAD (Deutsche Akademische Austauschdienst). I found the advertisement for this program while working on my Masters in Materials Science and Engineering at Virginia Tech, USA, and as Germany’s tech industry is known for its state of the art labs/assembly units and cutting edge technology, I thought this experience would be great for my professional development.

I got the full experience of working in high-performance work environment. I learned the process of functioning of the different divisions of manufacturing: engineering and design team, quality control and engineering, assembly line, technical sales and support.

The corporate culture is great, everyone was very inclusive and supportive, even though I didn’t speak any German and sometimes we faced language barriers. I learned the effective and structured way of communication between the divisions though technical documentation and direct interaction.

The experience with my supervisor Ellen was a great pleasure. I learned a lot from her from the technical point of view, as well as got full support in my accommodation outside of work.

I spent great times participating in the corporate events. The atmosphere of the company was extremely friendly and family-like. Working in a foreign country I’ve never been to before seemed terrifying, but I can’t thank enough, that HNPM made my stay pleasant and problem-free with amazing help and support.

HNPM has an amazing corporate culture as well as fascinating technology development level, and I am very thankful for this unforgettable experience!