About marketing, sales and manufacturing - My internship

I am Sophia, a student in 10th grade at Dulwich College Beijing. My interest in engineering as well as many recommendations of my family and friends, lead to my decision of applying for a 2-week internship at HNP Mikrosysteme.

At the beginning, I was introduced to my favorite area in the company, the assembly area. The theoretical knowledge I was given, could be used in a range of activities such as, building micro annular gear pumps and supporting the employees in their work.

Unquestionably interesting, was also the marketing and sales department. I learned a lot about how to use colors effectively and promote new products on the world market. I was shown how little design changes could have an immense impact on the final presentation of a product. Members of the sales department gave me the task on re-designing hydraulic symbols which are needed for the clients, to visualize how the fluidic system is constructed.

The internship at HNPM is made for getting a feeling of all the different fields in a company and using the gained knowledge in physical activities. Overall, it was a wonderful experience that I would recommend anyone being interested in engineering.