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strategy for the future

Mission Statement


Industrial micro fluidics is our know-how – the products we develop and market are micro annular gear pumps (mzr®-pumps) and components for fast and accurate dosing and metering of liquids. We support our customers with qualified engineering regarding their applications. Our pumps combine proven  functional principles with precision engineering, micro technological manufacturing processes and high performance materials. Precision, quality, design and function are, for us, both a challenge and an aspiration.


Micro technology makes it possible to design products simply, efficiently and sustainably, thereby opening up the creation of new functionalities. HNP Mikrosysteme develops, manufactures and markets pumps worldwide which dose small amounts of liquids fast and accurately. Applications of the product lie in life science, especially analytical instrumentation, mechanical and plant engineering, chemical and pharmaceutical process engineering as well as in new markets like fuel cells or biotechnology, organic electronics and aerospace.