High precision filling of bubble levels

The company Walter Bürgerrmeister exists since 1947. The product range covers more than 200 different types of vials. Currently, 80,000 of these vials are produced per day.

Standard, tubular and circular vials are precise measuring instruments. Most different vials are filled with 70µl to 2,000 µl of a low viscous, highly volatile and non lubricating gasoline-dye mixture. High precision, repeat accuracy and a tolerance of only 0.2% of the filling quantity are necessary for a perfect operation.

Since 2007 and around 22 million cycles without service high performance micro annular gear pumps (mzr®) mzr-4605 F and mzr-7205 S) successfully perform this task.

For safe dosing of the highly volatile tinted hydrocarbon, mzr®-pumps are equipped with a fluidic seal module and with FFPM seals, to ensure the chemical resistance.

Decision criteria for this pumps

  • high dosing precision
  • bubble-free dispensing
  • adjusted dynamics
  • comfortable control
  • long lifetime and low maintenance

Applied pumps


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