Fuel cell power generator in the low voltage range


  Through the excellent cooperation of SFC Energy AG with HNP Mikrosysteme the pump used could be adapted to the requirements of the fuel cell. This is reflected in the high quality and reliability of the used pump. ( Florian Taschke, Head of Development, SFC Energy AG)


A fuel cell is an auxiliary power generator. It directly transforms chemical energy into electrical energy directly.

SFC Energy AG uses the "Direct Methanol Fuel Cell" technology, which converts methanol directly into electrical energy. This is a great advantage because liquid methanol is easy to transport in appropriate storage cartridges.

JENNY 600S, is a variant of the portable power supply by SFC Energy AG. It recharges batteries fully automatic. An integrated charge controller continuously monitors the state of charge of the battery. If the battery voltage falls below a predetermined level, the fuel cell automatically turns on and charges the battery. When the battery is charged, the fuel cell switches off. This results in a reliable and continuous power supply, reduces the number of batteries needed and extends the lifetime of the batteries since deep discharge damages are prevented.

Low weight, small frame size and low power consumption make the mzr®-2921 SFC/2 to an ideal solution for the precise and continuous delivery of the methanol. The pump has been supplied with a customized drive unit.

Decision criteria for the pump

  • self-priming with 30 cm suction head
  • low weight of 42 g
  • low power consumption of 1.2 W
  • long lifetime
  • low noise

Applied pumps

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