Control of Environmental Parameters in an X-ray Microscope

The aerosol research group at the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry addresses processes involved in the production of aerosol particles and their role in the atmosphere and climate system, e.g. in cloud formation.

X-ray spectromicroscopy at synchrotron light sources allows us to resolve the structure, as well as the chemistry of aerosol particles on a nanometer scale. Our newly developed environmental microchamber extends the microscope’s capabilities to observations under controlled atmospheric (cloud like) conditions.

A mzr-2921 pump with S-KG control unit is used therein as a part of a closed cooling circuit. Its finely adjustable pump speed actively stabilizes the temperature to within 0.01 °C and therefore allows for observations of aerosol particles under high relative humidity conditions close to the dew point. Moreover, the pump is being operated under demanding temperature conditions down to -25 °C. Due to the vibration sensitive microscopy technique, the annular gear pump’s low pulsation flow is essential for high resolution imaging.


Decision criteria for this pumps

  • low space requirement
  • high-resolution and fast speed control
  • low pulsation operation
  • for use even at low temperatures (-25 °C)
  • inert to coolants (Ether)

Applied pumps


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