When purity is key … - pumps for chromatography systems


  I should probably not tell it to you , but one of the probably big success of these 2 weeks are the reproducibility of the flow from one cycle to an other one.
(Laurent David, Ingénieur R&D Novasep)


Novasep has a 25-year experience in developing industrial-scale continuous chromatography systems for the purification of biomolecules and polypeptides. These systems are already used in more than 20 commercial active pharmaceutical ingredient manufacturing processes (also successfully audited by FDA).

With the bench-top system BioSC® LAB you benefit from an unparalleled expertise in designing continuous chromatography systems applied to biopharmaceuticals applications.

BioSC® is based on a sequential multi-column chromatography design. The system is composed of 2 to 6 columns connected in series. When the resin of column 1 is fully loaded, the asynchronous feed connection system isolates column 1 for elution while continuing the capture process with the remaining columns of the row. There is no stopping or slowing down of the feed flow rate. Once column 1 is equilibrated, the system puts it back in the process line and column 2 can undergo the elution step. The repetition of steps A to C generates a continuous chromatography process.

The BioSC® allows for a fully automated, flexible and highly productive operation for process development. The continuous chromatography at low pressures reduces resin and buffer consumption by 50-75%.

Important is the precise application of the sample material. Micro annular gear pumps of the hermetic inert series with their high precision, low pulsation and high reproducibility are ideal for this task.   

Decision criteria for this pumps

  • high chemical resistance allows use of corrosive liquids
  • easy utilization of crystallizing liquids due to magnetic coupling
    (no shaft seal)
  • high precision
  • highly uniform flow (low pulsation)

Applied pumps

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