Innovative pipetting robot for laboratory applications and OEM integration


  Xantus utilities a revolutionary new pump design, eliminating the need for costly replacement of syringes and valves. (Sias AG)

Sias is a leading developer and supplier of innovative multi-tipped robotic liquid handling systems and robot friendly functional modules for Laboratory Automation. Sias' products are used for life science and generic laboratory liquid handling applications and OEM integration.

The robots are equipped with 1, 4, or 8 needles. Each needle can be controlled separately in it's XYZ-motion. The needle is used as a 'sample transporter'. Because a system liquid such as water is used and separated by a small air bubble from the sample, the sample never gets into the pump. After sampling the needle is flushed.

Due to the compact design of the pumps, the pump system resides in the robotic arm, leaving the deck free for application samples and modules.Sias has proven the concept for more than 10 years. Sias has gained a good knowledge of the operational parameters of the pumps so that they can guarantee the precision and accuracy of the pumps and their systems.

Decision factors for pump

  • Unique compact
  • Low maintenance
  • Pipetting volume 1 µl to 1 ml using the same pump
  • Excellent precision
  • Low noise (silent system)

Applied pumps

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