Shrink sleeve manufacturing with micro annular gear pumps

Within Constancia Flexibles, H & N GmbH is a leading, highly export-oriented manufacturer of high quality labels made of aluminum, plastics, and paper. They offer premium positioning, leading technology, customer proximity and highly efficient production facilities.

One branch of manufacturing at Haendler & Natermann is the production of shrink sleeves. 360° sleeves offer complete container decoration allowing for expanded graphics and tamper evidence.

In production the defined and low-pulsation delivery of solvent is crucial for the quality of bonding. In the process it is important to provide a constant flow of the various solvents. Also important is the precise synchronization of volume flow to belt speed in real time. The micro annular gear pumps used meet these requirements reliably.

Decision criteria for this pumps

  • low pulsation, reproducible volume flow
  • non-lubricating and low-viscosity liquids
  • direct adjustment of volume flow to belt speed
  • easy integration of pump controller
  • low maintenance

Applied pump


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